2020 Jurisdictional Officer Candidates

The future of the jurisdiction is in your hands!  All four of the guys positions are open, so your vote is more important now than ever!  Here are your 2020 Jurisdictional Candidates.  All members must be proficient to vote.

Liam Allen, Woodland Chapter

Running for Master Councilor

Hello Nor-Cal! My name is Liam Allen and I’m running for the office of Master Councilor of the Northern California DeMolay Association. I am a Past Master Councilor of Woodland Chapter, designated to receive the Degree of Chevalier, served for 2 years as the Redwood Empire Divisional Representative, and am currently the first Jurisdictional Ritual Liaison, an office I have been helping to build and grow so that it may continue on for years to come. If elected, my biggest priority is to lay the foundations for the future. We have just crossed the 100 year threshold and another 100 years lay before us. We should take advantage of this opportunity to grow and foster our Chapters. Make sure they have everything they could possibly need, and give them the resources to teach others what they’ve been taught. This is your Jurisdiction. I’m in my last year as an active DeMolay. But besides that, without the Chapters, there would be no Jurisdiction. So if you have any ideas on what you’d like to see this coming year, please let me know. I want to better the Jurisdiction for you.

Robby Boyce, Liberty Chapter

Running for Master Councilor

Hello! My name is Robby Boyce and I am running for the position of Master Counselor of the Northern California DeMolay Association. This is my second year of being a Jurisdictional Officer, I‘m a past Master Councilor of Liberty Chapter. I have received my Blue Honor Key and soon within the year be invested with the Chevalier. My goals for this year are to create a team that will go and help chapters grow and bring back the chapters that have closed throughout the years. I want to give the division more independence from the Jurisdiction and hopefully be able to bring back the Divisional Corp program. But most of all being the difference in DeMolay, and in the world. .

Aaron Pickett, Roseville Chapter

Running for Master Councilor

Hello Northern California DeMolay, it is with great excitement that I announce that I am running for the office of Master Councilor of NCDA for the 2019-2020 term! Serving as Deputy Master Councilor this past year has been an incredible experience, and has taught me so much about the strengths and struggles of our jurisdiction; it is my hope that as Master Councilor I can take what I have learned and use it to create programs and incentives that will better serve our chapters and divisions. This group is a place to follow my campaign as well as ask questions about my platforms or things you think need to be addressed in our Jurisdiction.

Lennon Sanchez, Tracy Mt. Oso Chapter

Running for Deputy Master Councilor

Hello NorCal!  My name is Lennon Sanchez, and I’m running for Deputy Master Councilor. I’m the current Junior Councilor of Northern California, as well as a PMC of Tracy Mt. Oso and will soon be receiving the Degree of Chevalier.  As Deputy MC, I want to help NorCal in 4 ways: Raise communication between chapters,  Establish new chapters, find new ways to promote the Order, and create a Jurisdictional committee dedicated to assisting chapters with whatever they need.  I’ve loved serving Northern California this year, and I thank you all for your support throughout!”

Brian Davis, Sonoma County Chapter

Running for Senior Councilor

Hello NorCal! My name is Brian Davis, and I am running for the office of Senior Councilor. I am a Three time Past Master Councilor of Sonoma County Chapter (then Santa Rosa Chapter), and am currently the Representative for the Redwood Empire Division. As Senior Councilor, I would like to help chapter members to improve their communication skills, not only with other chapters, DeMolay, and Advisors, but with prospective members as well. Building upon that, i would like to work directly with chapters to increase their social media presence in order to “advertise” to even more potential chapter members.

Bryner Roberts, Antioch Chapter

Running for Junior Councilor

Hello Northern California DeMolay, I am Bryner Roberts and I am running for Junior Councilor. I am a Past Master Councilor of Antioch Chapter two times, and I am also the Master Councilor of Antioch Chapter! I have been to DLC two times, both as a Knight. I am also on this years F.I.R.E. T.E.A.M. and was on last years degree team. My goal is to bring each chapter and each division closer together to each other, and to get them working closer together in the future. I am also hoping to increase membership for DeMolay as a whole and make it so everyone wants to be a part of it. Most importantly I want to help as many young and old DeMolay as I can, I strive to always be there for everyone when they need it and always will be.

Kristin Tubbs, El Cerrito Albany Sweetheart

Running for Sweetheart

My name is Kristin Tubbs and I am running to be your jurisdictional Sweetheart. I am currently Chapter Sweetheart of El Cerrito-Albany and Past Honored Queen of Bethel No. 218, Orinda. If elected to serve as your jurisdictional Sweetheart for this term, I hope to promote the Sweetheart Program and encourage communication between all three masonic orders. I also hope to work hard to spread the name of DeMolay into our communities and help increase membership. I can’t wait to see DeMolay grow in the future.

Good luck to all the candidates! We hope to see you at Grand Master’s Class on October 26, 2019.  Don’t forget, you must be proficient to vote!   Questions? Contact the NCDA office at 510-489-6232.