NCDA Term Plan 2017-2018

“Roaring Into a New Era of DeMolay”


DeMolay is “roaring” into its 99th year! To commemorate this, we want to set a goal: 99 new members in NorCal for the 99th year of DeMolay! We also want to encourage DeMolays to think of the motto “One 4 One”. We all have at least one person we can think of that should be in DeMolay, so share it with them! Invite one friend (or more!) into DeMolay. It really is that easy!

We also have some great rewards for people who go above and beyond for membership. The DeMolay who signs the most petitions as a first line signer by Grand Master’s Class will receive free admission to Convention 2018, but that’s not all! The chapter that brings in the most members by Convention 2018 will receive a free pizza party served by your Jurisdictional Officers!

So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and bring your friends to DeMolay!

Calendar of Events

P.R.I.D.E – February 24th
DEVO Day – March 18th
Paintball – April 15th
Ensign Mayo Degrees – May 5th
A Day with the Sacramento River Cats – May 12th
DeMolay and Sweetheart Leadership Conferences – June 30th – July 7th
Beach Day – August 4th – 5th
Grand Masters Class – October 27th
Convention – November 23rd – 25th


Visitations are a huge component in making this jurisdiction great. It’s a marvelous way to communicate your future events to other chapters, create friendships by traveling, and meet new people throughout the Jurisdiction.

To help encourage your chapter to travel, we have created a Jurisdictional Passport. Your Chapter will have a unique sticker to mark passports from around NorCal DeMolay. Fill your passport by visiting Chapters!

A visitation is defined by two members, which can include a sweetheart, princess, or little sis, accompanied by an advisor. You must acquire a signature from the Chapter Dad and the Master Councilor, and record the number of members that attended. The Chapter with the most visitations will be recognized and awarded at Convention 2018!

December 7th – North Star
December 8th – San Jose/Santa Clara
January 9th – Antioch
January 15th – Castro Valley
February 7th – El Cerrito Albany
February 26th – Liberty
March 5th – Lodi
March 20th – Tracy
April 9th – Napa
April 16th – Woodland
May 9th – Peninsula
May 14th – Valdo A Sei

June 1st – San Francisco
June 6th – Robert L Wade
June 14th – Santa Cruz
July 11th – Lemoore
July 16th – State Center
August 5th – South San Francisco
August 9th – Modesto
September 18th – Pleasanton
September 27th – Roseville
October 11th – Sac G.D.Mac
October 22nd – Santa Rosa
November 5th – Stockton
November 19th – Vallejo

Philanthropy — Me-One

What is Me-One?

This year for our philanthropic project we will be continuing to support the Me-One Foundation. For those who are not familiar with Me-One, it is a non-profit organization with the goal of giving adult cancer patients and their loved ones a relaxing and enjoyable retreat from the harsh reality of life with cancer. These families are often so busy with the treatment process that they hardly ever take time to focus on themselves and reconnect. Me-One hopes to provide emotional support, courage, hope, laughter, and joy to some of those who are most in need of it with their Camp Weiser weekend retreats. At these retreats, participants can enjoy musical performances, games, sports, dancing, pampering spa treatments, fireside chats with other families and patients, and so much more. These weekends are completely expense free for visitors, so the Me-One Foundation relies entirely on volunteers and monetary donations in order to continue hosting the events. This is where we come in- we will be working to support the Me-One Foundation this year by hosting fundraisers as a Jurisdiction and encouraging Chapters to do the same.

Our Projects

We hope to work diligently to assist the Me-One Foundation this year, starting with the shoe drive we will be holding this upcoming spring. Chapters will be asked to collect as many pairs of gently used shoes as possible, which will then be exchanged for funds for Me-One.

We hope to keep the momentum going as we sell tickets for a Jurisdictional visit to a Sacramento River Cats game. A percentage of the money from each ticket sold will be donated to support the Me-One foundation, and we will have the opportunity to enjoy a fun day at the ballgame together.

We will also be encouraging Chapters to fundraise individually. This is why we have included fundraising for the philanthropic project as a component in our Chapter achievement award. In addition to this, we will be searching for the Chapters who do the most to support Me-One and choosing a Chapter of the year for philanthropy, which will be announced at next year’s Convention.

We hope to see your earnest support as we work together to help this incredible organization this year!

Chapter Achievement Program

The Chapter Achievement Program is designed to motivate the Chapters of the Northern California DeMolay Association to reach their true potential, and become exemplars of the teachings of DeMolay. ANY Chapter has the ability to receive the Chapter Achievement Award! In order to do so, a Chapter must:

● Grow their membership by 25%. For example, if a Chapter has eight active members, two new members must be initiated by Convention 2018.

● Donate at least $250 to our philanthropic project, the Me-One Foundation.

● Visit five other Chapters AND two bethels or assemblies. Fill out your passports!

● Submit twelve agendas from your meetings this year. Organization is necessary for any Chapter to succeed.

● Represent their Chapter at NCDA events by ensuring at least 25% of their members are present at ALL NorCal DeMolay functions.

● Hold an observance for each virtue during DeMolay month.

The Chapters that complete these criteria will be recognized and awarded for their effort at Convention 2018. Again, any Chapter has the potential to be the leaders of NorCal DeMolay. By following these guidelines, your Chapter will be the bee’s knees!

DeMolay Achievement Program

The DeMolay Achievement Award is very similar to the Chapter Achievement Award, but is focused on individual members. Each and every member of NCDA is encouraged to take part in this program. By fulfilling the criteria listed below, NorCal DeMolay will benefit greatly by your leadership and initiative!

● Complete your proficiencies.

● Attend 85% of all NCDA events in 2018.

● Fulfil the “One 4 One” membership drive by securing a new member for your Chapter.

● Visit at least three other Chapters AND one Bethel or Assembly.

● Obtain either the Representative DeMolay Award or the Lamp of Knowledge.

The DeMolays that strive to be their very best will easily complete these tasks. Individuals who fulfill the criteria will be awarded and recognized at Convention 2018. You, too, can be the gnat’s eyebrows!

Sweetheart Achievement Program

The Sweetheart Achievement Award is harmonious with the DeMolay Achievement award, and is designed to motivate Sweethearts to support their Chapters. Sweethearts play a pivotal role in the success of DeMolay and by fulfilling the criteria listed below, you as a Sweetheart will contribute greatly to bridging the gap between all Masonic Youth Orders!

● Attend 85% of all NCDA events in 2018.

● Visit two different Bethels or Assemblies and one DeMolay Chapter.

● Get one new member into DeMolay, Job’s Daughters, or Rainbow for Girls and appropriately sign their petition.

● Obtain either the Representative Sweetheart Award or the Lamp of Knowledge

● Have at least two members of both Rainbow for Girls and Job’s Daughters in attendance at your Sweetheart Informational and provide photographic evidence.

Any Sweetheart has the ability to make all three Masonic Youth Orders excel. Sweethearts that complete these tasks will be the bee’s knees! Your efforts will be recognized and awarded at Convention 2018.

DeMolay Month

The 2024 NCDA Corps of Officers wants to ensure the growth of every Chapter by encouraging them to participate in DeMolay Month Activities. Filial Love, Reverence for Sacred Things, Courtesy, Comradeship, Fidelity, Cleanness, and Patriotism are the foundations of a rounded out character. By observing each of the virtues of a DeMolay during DeMolay Month, the members of Northern California will surely exemplify the true meaning of our Order. Here are some ideas for each virtue:

Filial Love – Hold a “family potluck” wherein the members of your Chapter serve the parents and advisors a dinner to show your appreciation of their continued support.

Reverence for Sacred Things – Attend a local religious service and spend time with the religious leader. Ask them questions and strive to learn about the aspects of religion that many hold sacred.

Courtesy – Volunteer at a local homeless shelter or hospice in order to provide service for those who are less fortunate.

Comradeship – Hold a fun event, like bowling or a video game tournament, with your friends.

Fidelity – Read through, or even put on, the DeMolay degree and talk through the strength Jacques DeMolay exemplified when protecting the Knights Templar.

Cleanness – Volunteer in a highway/street clean up.

Patriotism – Create care packages for those serving in the armed forces overseas.

These ideas are not the only ways to observe our virtues, but they offer a good place to start. It’s important to remember what the Order of DeMolay teaches. For almost a century, these virtues have offered teachings that guide young men to become effective members of society. Keep this in mind while you plan your Chapter’s DeMolay Month activities!