2018 Jurisdictional Officer Candidates

The future of the jurisdiction is in your hands! All four of the guys positions are up for grabs, so your vote is more important now than ever! Yes, we said four; We’ve looked to the past and we are bringing back the Deputy Master Councilor position to improve the future. All members must be proficient to vote.

Nolan Clark, North Star Chapter

Running for Master Councilor

Hello NorCal DeMolay, my name is Nolan Clark, and I am running for the office of Master Councilor of the Northern California DeMolay Association. I am a Past Master Councilor of North Star Chapter and Superior Division. To briefly list my accomplishments, I was named Master Councilor of the Year in 2014, I earned the most service hours in the Jurisdiction in 2015 with 294 hours, and in 2016 I was awarded the Distinguished Service Award for my dedication to DeMolay. For my service to North Star Chapter, I was conferred the Degree of Chevalier, the highest honor an active DeMolay can receive. In term of Ritual, I’ve won Best Part as Chapter Opening Master Councilor, Chaplain, and Installing Officer, the longest part in the DeMolay Ritual.

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Matthew Killmer, Roseville Chapter

Running for Master Councilor

Hi!  I’m Matthew Killmer, Past Master Councilor and soon-to-be Chevalier of Roseville DeMolay and I am running for the office of Nor Cal DeMolay’s Master Councilor. I have been to DLC for the past 8 years…5 years as a camper, 1 year as a Knight, and 2 years on Staff. Each of these years I had the opportunity to learn more about myself, DeMolay, and gained the experience to help me be a better leader. As your Master Councilor, my main goals are to improve the jurisdiction by empowering the chapters.  This will be through encouraging mentorship between members and initiates, getting members more excited about ritual to improve the public image of the jurisdiction, and by expanding the reach of communication by utilizing more social media as well as the Divisional Representatives.  I want to serve the members of Nor Cal and help give them the power to make change happen in Nor Cal DeMolay, because I know it truly starts with them.

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Robby Boyce, Liberty Chapter

Running for Senior Councilor

I am Robby Boyce and I am running for the office of Northern California DeMolay Association Senior Councilor. I am a Past Master Councilor of Liberty Chapter and I am currently Master Councilor for the second time. I have been a Knight for 2 years at DLC and I have earned not only my Founders Award, but just recently received my Blue Honor Key.  My Goals: To make DeMolay a household name in all of the communities of our jurisdiction, which will strengthen our membership. To have the Jurisdictional Officers devote more time to the Chapters, in order to assist them in anything that they may need. To be a voice for the members of Northern California DeMolay, so that they feel that their jurisdiction is listening to their ideas and their concerns. Read about Robby’s platform

Miles Dees, Liberty Chapter

Running for Senior Councilor

I am extremely honored and proud to have the opportunity to run for Senior Councilor of the Northern California Demolay Association for the year 2018.  During my term I hope to increase communication between the Jurisdiction, Divisional, and Chapter levels. I will also focus on membership and membership retention through implementing a big brother program along with holding cool interactive workshops to help hone the skills necessary to run a successful chapter.  I am a member of Liberty Squires, Past Master Councilor of Liberty Chapter and have served as a Knight for Northern CA Leadership Camp several times. Thank you for all the support and I you will vote for me for NCDA Senior Councilor.

Brett Grimm, Valdo A. Sei Chapter

Running for Senior Councilor

My name is Brett Grimm and I am running for Senior Councilor.  I am a Past Master Councilor of Valdo A. Sei Chapter and hosted one of Valdo A. Sei Chapters’ largest membership classes. I am also a  recipient of Founder’s Membership Award and a Representative DeMolay. As a JO there are several main goals I would have for my term and they are:  1.Increase membership of the NCDA Jurisdiction. 2. Retain new members and active members.  3.Increase communication between Master Councilors and Divisional Representatives for the jurisdiction.  4.Serve as a resource for every DeMolay.

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Natasha Franzen, Superior Division Sweetheart

Running for Sweetheart

Hello, Northern California DeMolay! I’m Natasha Franzen and I’m running to be your jurisdictional Sweetheart. Currently I am serving as the Superior Division Sweetheart. I’m a past Chapter Sweetheart of Valdo A Sei, a Past Honored Queen of Bethel #2, Reno, and a Past Miss Nevada Job’s Daughter. I continue to be a very active supporter of my home chapter and member of Ben Franklin assembly, #21, and Bethel #2, Reno. If elected to serve as your jurisdictional Sweetheart for the ensuing year, my primary goal would be to lay the foundation for a strong and productive relationship between all of the Masonic Youth groups, that could be built upon and enjoyed for many years to come. I hope to incentivize and encourage Chapters to reach out to the many Assemblies and Bethels within our jurisdiction. I’d look to provide the resources necessary to eliminate any possible roadblocks that the youth orders may face in communicating with each other and attending each other’s events. I’d also like to take the time to appreciate and assist the young women who have already elected to devote their efforts to the Sweetheart program, making sure that they have the most meaningful experience possible. Above all, I’d like to help you to cultivate the positive relationships that will make a difference in your Chapter and in your life. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together. Read about Natasha’s Platform

Erin Foster, Valley Division Sweetheart

Running for Princess

>Hello my name is Erin Foster and I am running for the office of Princess. I am a active member and Past Honored Queen of Bethel 292 Citrus Heights. I am a past Sweetheart of Roseville Chapter and the current Valley Division Sweetheart. If elected I would like to strengthen the communication between all three youth groups. I would also like to increase the number of Chapters with Sweethearts through promotion of the program. I would like to be a resource for the Chapter and Divisional Sweethearts so they know they have someone who they can always rely on.  

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Good luck to all the candidates! We hope to see you at Grand Master’s Class on October 21, 2018.  Don’t forget, you must be proficient to vote!   Questions? Contact the NCDA office at 510-489-6232.