Learning the Force – Halo Video Game Tournament

Greetings from across the galaxy, you are invited to our very first Learning the Force game day! Bring all your Padawan (Prospect) – FOR FREE- to the Planet of Tatooine and go to the Stockton Scottish Rite, where we will be learning the force! Learning the Force Training will include classic board games, a Movie room, and the final examination of the Jedi, a Halo video game tournament!

Lunch will be a Intergalactic delicacy, Pizza! The doors will open at 10:00 AM for registration and events will begin at 11:00 AM!

Early registration:  $15.00  (until 1/22)
Late registration:   $20.00 (1/23 or after)


Don’t want to register online? Print and mail registration form

If you have any questions contact Jedi Master Gianna Pickett at pr2016@norcaldemolay.com