PRIDE Evaluation Sheets and Forms

Below are the public P.R.I.D.E. pages, organized by contest. Public ceremonies include all evaluation sheets, including ritual work. Other competitions only include the specifics and general information for that competition. They do not include any evaluation sheets that contain ritual or direction. A full copy of the evaluation materials will be sent to the Ritual Advisor after registring for PRIDE.

In addition, if you are qualified DeMolay, Senior DeMolay, or Accredited Advisor you can request the private documents from the NCDA Office.

General Forms:
Basic Competitive Rules

Individual Competitions:
Ceremony of Light
Flower Talk
Individual Chaplain
Magnificient Seven
Sweetheart Crowning

Team Competitions:
Chapter Proficiency
Installing Team
Initiatory Degree
DeMolay Degree (1st through 3rd Section)
DeMolay Degree (4th Section)