2015 Philanthropic Project

This year the Investigators of Northern California DeMolay broadened their horizons and made a difference in the world by donating not their money, but their time, to their local communities and to our Masonic Family community as well. We proved to the world that there is time; time to stop and make a difference in our world and that no act of kindness or service is ever too small.

Our service wasn’t focused on simply one project but instead on every project that came our way, no matter how small it might have seemed at the time. The sleuths of NorCal spent their year painting fences, cleaning up streets, making cards, and volunteering at our Masonic families’ Installations and ceremonies with acts such as bearing flags, picking up chairs, setting up dining rooms and much, much more.

We shot past our expectations at DLC this year where we had over 100 attendees, 98 of which were youth who spent an entire day helping out the town neighboring our Leadership Camp. We spent the day helping them prepare for their Fourth of July festival, painting their fences, cleaning up their streets, and helping them to garden.

Throughout the year our Chapters have set up their own projects as well; Auburn made Valentines cards for Children at their local hospital, North Star volunteered at the 12th Annual “Keeping Kids Safe Festival” in Grass Valley and assisted their Jobs Daughters Bethel in hosting a booth at a fair, and Peninsula held such service projects as building planters at their Tapestry Church. However, this is just a small amount of the service projects held by our Chapters over the year.

During this year, DLC and SLC acquired 284.5 hours of community service, Superior 290 hours, Redwood Empire 154 hours, and Bay Area 294 hours. Over the year, NorCal reached a grand total of 1,131.5 hours of community service! We proved to our communities and to our world that WE can make a difference and that every hour of service makes a difference. But most of all, we showed the world what it means to BE a DeMOLAY!!!


NorCal reached a Grand Total of 1,131.5 Hours of Community Service!