Hello Nor-Cal Distinguished Officers,and Advisors,

As an effort to highlight the importance of ritual during our 100th anniversary, Nor-Cal is taking a new approach to Jurisdictional Degrees, as well local support for chapters. We would like YOUR support to help this effort.

Jurisdictional Officers:
Please relay the importance to DeMolays’ knowing ritual. Please lead by example (know your stuff), carry yourself with dignity, with confidence, clarity, and show them the importance of good ritual. You MUST be the spark to light the fire for ritual! Please look over this email in it’s entirety and know what we are asking from everyone, so you will have knowledge of our ritual requests.

Divisional Officers:
Please help in spreading the word to the chapters in your area, about the Jurisdictional Degree team, and help us build the “Master List’ for degree parts, installing, vow ceremony, opening/closing, and Ceremony of Light/Flower Talk. Please ask during your visitation or by phone what parts individuals know, or are willing to learn.

This list will be made available to each chapter in your area with:

  1. The DeMolay’s name
  2. Contact information email and phone number
  3. List all parts known, including installation degrees, and chapter ritual parts (for fill-in), and ceremonies.

Chapter Chairmen/Chapter Advisors:
We are requesting your help as well. If you can help the officers by talking with your members about what parts they know, and try to motivate individuals to be of service to other chapter’s as well as their home chapter by learning new parts and helping other chapter’s by helping them fill-in when necessary, or requested.

We are also trying to bring the prestige back to the Jurisdictional Degree Team. We are requesting that as chapter advisors you pick 2-3 boys in YOUR chapter who fit the following criteria:

  1. Love for Ritual, know several parts, and have the ability to learn easily.
  2. Dependable, must show up to all practices prior to degrees (usually the night before for most degrees) for practice.
  3. Loves DeMolay, represents DeMolay wherever he goes, and enjoys being a part of the brotherhood.

Please forward those  2 – 3 names to myself Kirk Kirkley, gwstudionorth@yahoo.com  they will then be invited to the degree team by mail. It is a handpicked team that they should be “surprised, and excited” to be a part of. The next set of degrees will be in March for Devo Day, and the new team will be responsible for those degrees, and the rest of the 4-5 degrees planned for the year. They will work together, and basically be an extension of Nor-Cal DeMolay Reps. As a member of the degree team, they will be required to have a White Shirt, Black pants, and Black dress shoes to be worn at ALL degree team events.

The degree team will be named the FIRE TEAM and will receive a name badge and matching ties for the year. These items and dress requirements will be their uniform for the year. They are to be worn for ALL degrees throughout the year.

We are also attempting to do some things very differently this year, and attempting to bring back the fire for ritual throughout the jurisdiction. Our goal is to have a dependable degree team, with a complete initiatory degree team, and a complete DeMolay degree team, with no over-lapping roles.

We are hoping that with the information that you all send us will go to good use, and give us an invaluable tool for the future. The “Master List” should become a great source of value for you, and all of Nor-Cal. The Jurisdictional Degree Team should also bring back the “Fire” for good ritual. SET THE FLAME AFIRE OF THE NEXT PERSON, THERE IN LIES YOUR PURPOSE IN DEMOLAY AND THERE IN LIES YOUR PURPOSE FOR LIVING!!!!

The DeMolay in charge of all of this is Liam Allen – Ritual Liaison – he is in charge of the ritual team, and will be assisting me throughout this Centennial Year!! He can be contacted @ liamallen899@gmail.com or contact myself, Kirk Kirkley, if you have any other questions regarding these requests.

As a whole, let’s work together as a team, to bring the “FIRE” back to Ritual! Let’s take Nor-Cal to the “next level.” Make this Centennial light the fire for the next 100 years!!

F. Fraternity I. Ignites R. Ritual E. Everywhere


Kirk Kirkley
Nor-Cal DeMolay Ritual Advisor