Resources for Members

There are lots of moving pieces and parts to leading a DeMolay chapter.  Here you will find the various information and forms, both required and recommended, to help you be successful in your chapter. You can get a copy of the Chapter Administration Handbook, find out how to order supplies, or find term planning checklists.  Everything you need to run a successful chapter is right at your fingertips.

An Open Installation ceremony is an occasion when the people of the community have an opportunity to observe DeMolay and form opinions concerning the Order and a particular Chapter. For this reason, every effort should be made ot have the ceremony well-planned so all events will take place smoothly.

installationguideBegin planning as soon as you are installed as Senior Councilor. Will there be a dance? A reception? Will you have pictures taken? Use the resources below to help you create a step-by-step plan for a successful installation.


Term planning gives the Chapter a blueprint for action. A well-organized plan helps Chapter members and adult volunteers plan their time more efficiently.

pmcmsaIt’s very important to include Chapter members when choosing activities for the term. Members who have helped decided which activities to plan will be more supportive than if they were just told what the Chapter would be doing.


DeMolay Scholarships

The DeMolay Foundation of California, Inc. is eager to be of assistance to DeMolay members who seek a higher education. For the DeMolay member who attends a four-year college or university, the annual scholarship is $3,000 per year. For those who attend a two-year college program or an accredited vocational school, the annual scholarship is $1500. New students are accepted in the program each year for the above two categories.

An applicant for a scholarship from the DeMolay Foundation of California Inc., must be in good standing in a Chapter of the Order of DeMolay located in Northern California, Hawaii, or Nevada (Washoe County).

 Scholarship Application – Due April 1

Other scholarships:

DeMolay International

Order of the Eastern Star

High Twelve International

California Scottish Rite

Santa Barbara Scottish Rite

DeMolays, advisors, parents, sweethearts and friends are encouraged to take a set of five very enlightening courses that make up what we call the Leadership Correspondence Course. The LCC is designed to provide an overall picture of DeMolay is all about.

Please print the courses and complete all five courses in order. Please turn them in as you complete them.  At the top of each course please put your name, chapter and email address. You can email your course to or mail them to the Nor Cal office at Nor Cal DeMolay, 34400 Mission Blvd., Union City, CA 94587. The course will be evaluated and you will be sent the results. After completing and passing all five courses you will be notified and then will receive your Lamp of Knowledge pin and certificate.

LCC 1 – The Structure of DeMolay

LCC 2 – DeMolay Programming

LCC 3 – DeMolay Rules, Regulations & Policies

LCC 4 – The History and Heritage of DeMolay

LCC 5 – Recap

If you have any questions, please email: