Our NCDA Divisions and Chapters would not be successful without the hard work and support of our Advisors.  This area is for those adult supporters who give their time and talent to help make DeMolay the thriving organization it is.  Here you can find information, learn about the different Advisory Council positions, or reference the Chapter Administration Handbook.  If there is something you would like to see included here to make your role as an Advisor easier, drop us a line at

Complete Your Continuing Advisor Application by November 30

The time has come for continuing Advisors to complete their paperwork for the coming year. Please logon to e-Scribe before November 30th and complete the process outlined in the instructions.

  • Go to and sign in to your account.
  • On the yellow navigation bar, roll over Registration and click on Adult Registration
  • On left side under My Applications-select Continuing Advisor Application.
  • Check and update data in Section 1.
  • Complete the new background check in Section 2: Click on “Click here to Complete background check” in large red type. This will open the  and follow the prompts to sign up.  You will create a new account. After the account is created you will log in and submit the information necessary for the background check.   (This is a more secure way to store information for the background checks instead of the information sitting at DeMolay International. If you have any questions concerning this area please call DeMolay International directly at 1 800 336-6529)
  • After submitting the background check information, you need to return to initial application in eScribe
  • Complete sections 3 and 4.
  • Sign and submit application

Once you submit your continuing Advisor application, then you will be asked to pay the continuing advisor fee, then the Executive Officer will review your application-if approved, you will receive an email  (If DI doesn’t need any payment from you, you will automatically become an Advisor.)

When completely done you can go back to “My Applications” go to “Completed Applications”. Click on “View Application” for the current year and you can print a copy of your Advisor card.

How to become an Advisor for DeMolay.

Adult Training and Certification – – – Adults who have decided to volunteer as an advisor must go to the DeMolay International website— and complete the Advisor Application.
Click on the Get Involved tab which will bring up a drop down list-click on the New Advisor Registration – this will take you to the actual application that you will be asked to fill out.

New Advisors:

Please fill out the application entirely and then hit submit. The application process has five different steps or levels. First you fill out the application and submit it, then you will be asked to pay the registration fee (explained below), then the application will go to the Executive Officer for approval, you will then be asked to complete the Advisor Training and after completion your application will go through the background check. We believe you will receive emails as each step is completed.


If you are a Senior DeMolay, former Advisor, or Honorary Legion of Honor recipient, you already have an account profile. Please contact the Nor Cal DeMolay office at (510) 489-6232 or )to let them know you are going to be filling out the application. We will contact DeMolay International alerting them that you will be filling out an application-this will reactivate your account so you can view your application and fill it out. Please allow 24 hours for your application to show on your escribe account.

After the 24 hour period then you can select “click here” to move on to your application. This will be under your escribe account under Adult Registration and then click on “My Application” that will show on the left side of the screen. Click on it and please fill the application out. If you don’t know how to login to eScribe, please contact the Northern California DeMolay office at (510) 489-6232 or

Background Check – – – As a part of the Advisor application process described above, a background check will be conducted on each potential Advisor. This background check is administered by our international headquarters, DeMolay International and run through Validity. The fee for this background check is currently $48. After the initial year of service as an Advisor, the Advisor renewal registration fee will be $20.

During the online training portion of the process, potential advisors will be introduced to the basic principles and procedures of DeMolay and receive instruction in the DeMolay Youth Protection Program.