Mitchell Walsh, Master Councilor

Northern California Jurisdictional Master Councilor Mitchell Halden Walsh is a 19-year young accounting major at Sacramento City College, a full-time employee with Harder Mechanical Contractors, and an avid proponent of the arts. Hailing from Woodland Chapter, he has have served as Chapter Master Councilor and Divisional Master Councilor of Valley, and it has been his pleasure to be a brother and mentor to many within and without his chapter. A member of DeMolay for seven years, he has attended DLC every year he could and through his four years there in the elevated leadership role as a Knight he has learned much about what it means to be a leader and a friend.

Shawn Foster, Senior Councilor

Northern California Jurisdictional Senior Councilor Shawn Foster is 20 years old and currently pursuing a degree in physics at Sierra College. He is a Past Master Councilor of Roseville Chapter and has been a dedicated member for over eight years. He joined San Juan Chapter at age twelve and transferred to Roseville Chapter once San Juan disbanded. Music is probably his most passionate hobby. He was in band all through High School and was percussion leader, which gave him the opportunity to learn a variety of instruments ranging from the marimba to the udu. Shawn is the fourth of five kids, with two brothers, two sisters, a deaf dog, and a one-eyed cat. Being part of a big, close-knit family has given him a strong support system in life. His passion for DeMolay is just like his hair, on fire.

Lexi Harris, Sweetheart

Northern California Jurisdictional Sweetheart Lexi Harris is 18 years old, and has had the privilege of living in the San Jose area all of her life. She is currently majoring in Art History at West Valley Community College, and she loves Art, Reading, Anime and the Renaissance Fair, almost as much as she enjoys DeMolay. While she values her family more than anything else, DeMolay and her Masonic family are a very close second, and then of  course there is also school. She started her DeMolay adventure at Santa Clara chapter, in Bay Area Division. She is a Past Honored Queen of her Bethel and was asked to continue to fill in as the presiding Honored Queen for two years after her term was done. Lexi then became the Santa Clara Sweetheart and shortly after that was elected the Bay Area Division Princess. She is just finishing her year as the Bay Area Division Sweetheart and is having a great year. Sweetheart Leadership Camp  has been one of her favorite experiences, and she has gone to S.L.C for 3 years and counting. She is always up for a spontaneous adventure to get a chocolate milkshakes and fries at Nations or Farrell’s, too.