DeMolay Leadership Conference

The Pacific Coast DeMolay Leadership Conference in Sonora, CA, each year during the summer.  At D.L.C., you will have some of the greatest experiences DeMolay can provide. Join your friends for a week long adventure filled with sports, team building, creative projects, and leadership training!

Participants join a D.L.C. Chapter for the week which operates much like a regular DeMolay Chapter. The Chapter elects some leaders, works together in completing several projects, competes together in sports, and creates awards to recognize the members of their Chapter.

Daily Chapter meetings are held which are led by the Chapter Master Councilor. In these meetings, Chapter members participate in exercises, games, and projects that emphasize the importance of valuing the input of every member of the team.


Beginning Leadership

If you are new to your chapter or new to D.L.C., here’s what you’ll be learning about during the week to prime you for future leadership greatness. . .

  • The Essence of Leadership
  • Membership
  • Chapter Event Planning
  • The Structure of the DeMolay Organization
  • The rich history & heritage of DeMolay
  • Ritual

Chapter Leadership

If you’re on your way to becoming a Councilor of your Chapter, you’ll be learning about:

  • Membership/Ritual
  • Installation Planning
  • PMC-MSA/Term Planning
  • Introductions and the short speech
  • Chapter Business Meetings
  • Chapter Administration
  • The Masonic Family

Advanced Leadership

If you are a Divisional or Jurisdictional Officer or your goal is to eventually become one, you may be invited to attend our Advanced Leadership Program, also known as ‘The KNIGHTS’. This program will provide an opportunity for you to explore and learn about different approaches and concepts of leadership. During the week you will be applying the different leadership concepts in ways you never have before. Your leadership objectives at D.L.C. will be to learn about the following:

  • Time Management
  • Group Dynamics
  • How to lead a team