DeMolay Patriotic Service Medal

PSMDeMolay continues to support the 7th cardinal virtue, Patriotism! Grand Master Bill Sardone announced the introduction of the DeMolay Patriotic Service Medal. Grand Master Sardone stated, “The 7th candle of patriotism burns bright in every country where DeMolay tall.”

The purpose of this new Medal is to continue to show DeMolay’s support of  patriotic service. Service throughout the world by visibly uniting the ties between service to country and service to DeMolay.

If you have served your country, in any capacity of Patriotic Service, you can order one. These are not just restricted to DeMolays but also available to DeMolay Sweethearts, Moms, and supporters.

The Patriotic Service Medal was endorsed by the DeMolay Honors and Awards Committee. It was also approved by the DeMolay International Board of Directors. The cost of this Medal is $50 which includes engraving on two lines and shipping.

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