It has been my pleasure to serve DeMolay International and the young men who are its members in
numerous capacities over the last twenty‐five years. And, being the Executive Officer of the jurisdiction
of Northern California, Hawaii, and Northern Nevada has been especially rewarding as well as fulfilling.
However, I have determined that this is the best time for me to step aside as Executive Officer and allow
another the same gratifying experience and opportunity to lead the jurisdiction.

Effective November 27, 2016 at the close of the NCDA Convention, “Dad” Terry L. Peters, Active
Member of the International Supreme Council and the current Assistant Executive Officer for Northern
California DeMolay, will assume the duties and responsibilities of Executive Officer. “Dad” Peters is
uniquely qualified to serve in this capacity. As a Senior DeMolay and active advisor, he has been a
Chapter Advisor, Chapter Chairman, Divisional Advisor, Convention Director, Jurisdictional Advisor, and
has served as the Assistant Executive Officer for the past fourteen years. In addition to his service in
Northern California, Terry has ably led the committee responsible for planning and running the
International Supreme Council Sessions.

Over the next few months, “Dad” Peters will be planning the future direction of the jurisdiction and
selecting a team to support his efforts. The current plans and staff in place to serve Northern California
DeMolay will stay until he takes over at the end of November. Please continue your selfless service to
DeMolay and accept my sincerest thanks for your friendships and help to make DeMolay in Northern
California, Hawaii, and Northern Nevada the greatest Masonic Youth Order possible.

The best part of being a DeMolay Advisor is getting to work with the young men and women who are its
members and supporters. Many of them have become friends and near family to Janet and me. While
we will miss the opportunity to work closely with new generations of NCDA Officers, we cherish the
many young men and women with whom we have shared a major part of our lives. In the future, I plan
to return to service as an advisor on a chapter advisory council. And, “Mom” Salazar and I will continue
to attend jurisdiction events, to promote DeMolay, and support our friends “Dad” Terry Peters and his
wife, “Mom” Evonne Peters, in their new roles.

Finally, I want to publicly acknowledge my wife, Janet, my children Maria and Michael, and the rest of
my family for their unceasing love and support. They made this experience possible for me and I owe
them a great debt of gratitude.