The Annual Chapter Report is now available to complete by all Chapter Advisory Councils. This report replaces the previous Agenda that chapter advisory councils completed at the Annual Advisory Council meetings held annually in October and November. The due date is March 31, 2017.

The Annual Chapter Report is broken down into nine separate sections; Chapter Information, Advisory Council Meetings, Current Advisors, Membership, Chapter Service, Chapter Officers, Annual Financial Report, Review of Policies, and Advisory Council Acknowledgement. This should take the Chapter Chairman or Chapter Advisor no more than an hour to complete via eScribe.

The purpose of this report is to gain insight into chapter operations, create internal competition on service and philanthropy, and provide DeMolay leaders the ability to gauge the strength of each chapter. DeMolay International plans to publish data on Chapter and jurisdiction service hours completed and philanthropic dollars donated.

The Advisory Council should work with the Chapter Chairman to complete this form on eScribe. The Chapter Chairman, Chapter Advisor, or any other Advisor with Chapter Admin access will hover over the Registration tab and click Annual Chapter Report. Multiple Advisors can work on different sections of this report and it may be saved at any time and submitted at a later date.

If there are any questions regarding the Annual Chapter Report, please contact Northern California DeMolay at 1 (800) HEY-NCDA (439-6232) or DeMolay International at 1(800) DEMOLAY (336-6529)