The Masonic Family

Each DeMolay Chapter is sponsored by a group of Freemasons, a Masonic Lodge, or some appendant Masonic group such as the Scottish Rite, the York Rite, High Twelve Club, or Shriners. The responsibilities of the sponsoring body are: to provide the Chapter a place to meet; to provide adult leadership and guidance through maintaining an active Advisory Council; and to assist the Chapter whenever and however needed.

Who are the Masons?

Today’s Masons are men who have banded together for mutual improvement in an organization whose basic tenants provide its members a framework in which to improve themselves morally and spiritually while giving back to the community through the conduct of various community service and charitable undertakings. Traditionally, the caliber of the men who seek membership in the Masonic Order are among the most charitable and civic minded individuals in any organization.


Are the Masons a secret organization?

No. In most towns, Masonic buildings are prominently marked. In many locations the meeting time and day of the local lodge is published in the newspaper. In addition to these things, many of the ceremonies and instructional talks used by the Masonic groups are published in books that can be purchased or looked up at the library.


How did DeMolay and Masonry come to be associated?

The founder of the Order of DeMolay, Frank S. Land, was a Mason. As DeMolay grew and new chapters were formed in the 1920’s, Land realized that DeMolay Chapters would require quality men to provide guidance and supervision for the young men. He felt that requiring DeMolay chapters to be sponsored by a Masonic lodge or a group of Masons would ensure that there would always be service-oriented men serving on Chapter Advisory Councils.


Are there Masonic organizations for young ladies?

Yes, there are two organizations available for young ladies to join — Jobs Daughters International and the International Order of Rainbow for Girls.

jobsdaughtersJob’s Daughters is a vital youth organization that develops leadership, respect, responsibility, and confidence within a fun and friendly environment. Open to young women ages 10 to 20 with a Masonic heritage, Job’s Daughters prepares members to face life’s challenges with courage, confidence, and poise. Job’s Daughters are active in their communities, plan and participate in numerous philanthropic activities, and are devoted to helping disadvantaged children.

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Rainbow for Girls is a dynamic anRainbowgirlslogod fun organization that embraces all young women between the ages of 11 and 20, motivating them to achieve their life goals and helping them make a difference in their communities. Rainbow encourages excellence in learning and leadership, promotes fun and fellowship, and is a source of lasting friendships. Members will realize personal growth and satisfaction through service and community involvement.

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