The 2020 NorCal U Seminar for Advisors and Adults was a great success with eighteen chapters represented.  Northern California DeMolay’s newest and developing chapters from Yreka, Redding, Fremont, and San Jose were also present.

Special thanks to Allan Casalou, George Lange, Dave Killmer, Adam Wilson, the 2020 Jurisdiction Officers, and James Banta for their presentations.

Highlights from those presentations included:

  • The 5 Things Every Advisor Must Do for Membership Growth
  • A review and special announcement regarding the PMC-MSA program in Northern California
  • Ideas for selling DeMolay to adults
  • Description of one method for recruiting new members
  • Instructions and demonstrations for building a DeMolay led and driven term plan
  • An assessment of every chapter’s current demographic situation
  • Report of the membership incentives being offered by Northern California and DeMolay International
  • Introduction of a new member tracking process

For those who attended, don’t forget the “5 Things Every Advisor Must Do” for Growth:

  • Create an environment for growth
  • Use and build your adult networks to share about DeMolay
  • Practice talking about DeMolay
  • Provide incentives for growth
  • Reward growth

Copies of the presentations will be made available to those who attended.  Be sure to share those at your next chapter advisory council meeting.