On October 27, 2018, Northern California DeMolay elected six new officers to represent the jurisdiction in 2019 our Centennial year.  The new officers are:  from Valdo A. Sei Chapter, Brett Grimm, Master Councilor; from Roseville Chapter, Aaron Pickett, Deputy Master Councilor; from Liberty Chapter, Robby Boyce, Senior Councilor; from Tracy Mt. Oso Chapter, Lennon Sanchez, Junior Councilor; from Roseville Chapter, Miss Erin Foster, Sweetheart; and from Roseville Chapter, Miss Cristina Morales, Princess.  The new officers will be installed at the 56th Annual Convention of Northern California DeMolay on Sunday, November 25, 2018.

This year’s election held at the Oakland Scottish Rite Masonic Center included representatives from chapters across the jurisdiction.

The photo shows the new officers on the left with the current officers on the right.

(The NCDA Officers are from left to right in the back row:  Deputy Master Councilor – Aaron Pickett, Master Councilor – Brett Grimm, Senior Councilor – Robby Boyce. In the front. Sweetheart – Erin Foster, Princess – Cristina Morales. Not Pictured – Junior Councilor – Lennon Sanchez)