Do you want another great reason to share DeMolay with your friends and neighbors? How about some really cool perks and prizes!  We are launching a new and improved Membership Incentive to get you even more motivated to talk to people about the benefits of DeMolay.

Details and guidelines

  • Pins will be passed out to all of the first line signers and as well as the new member
  • First line signers and new members will be also be put into the raffle for Convention 2016
  • MUST be present to order to win the item at Convention
  • Raffle Prizes include a gift cards and other cool gifts to be announced soon

Convention Incentive

  • Anyone who receives the PMC-MSA, will go to Convention for free
  • Anyone who brings in 10 members will go to Convention for free. There will be pro-rated discounts for anyone who brings a fraction of the 10 new members

To get more information talk to Jake Eres at the next event, or email him at